Data Logger accessories

Data logger accessories

Get the complete and easiest solution to manage iButton data logger

iButton Printer

The analyzed data will be print immediately on site after insert the logger.

– Suitable for cold chain transport and delivery application

– Highly flexible data handling on-site

– Handheld and battery power device

– No computer required


iButton Server (IB server)

iButton server allows stored data to be transferred from logger on-site without manually removing the logger from the field.

–  Users simply touch on logger on-site for recording data.

– Stored Data can be transferred to PC and analyzed using asytrack monitoring software.

Comparison between normal iButton reader and special iButton Server

current system-pic

Picture 1: iButton reader


ibserver system-web

Picture 2 :iButton Server


iButton Relauncher

iB relauncher act as a mobile device to relaunch missions.

This equipment eliminates the need of PC at the shipping/receiving dock making mobile the whole system.


– Mission Verification: Check a atatus of the mission in progress

– Alarm Verification: Check stored alarm in current mission

– Mission Stop: Touch the relauncher on the logger for stopping the temperature readings in progress and  maintaining the log data already acquired.

– Mission Restart: Re-touch the relauncher to restart the temperature reading

– Service life of the device: 5 years


iButton Capsule

– Protect data logger from moisture, solvents and pressure

– Waterproof to 34 feet


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